miercuri, 20 august 2014

Rockets launched by militants from the Gaza

Rockets launched by militants from the Gaza Strip fell in uninhabited areas near the Israeli city of Beersheva.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the IDF to retaliate with missile attacks.
"It gave the order attacking terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip," said an Israeli government official, on condition of anonymity.
Israeli fighters attacked military positions in northern Gaza Strip
Israeli Air Force conducted Tuesday afternoon air raids in Gaza for the first time in recent days in response to a series of rocket attacks, announcing sources within the Palestinian security services, cited by AFP. Air raids targeted military sites Beit Lahiya area, north of the Palestinian territory. So far there were no reported casualties.
Negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians to a lasting truce in the Gaza Strip, in deadlock
Negotiations held in Cairo between representatives of the Palestinians and Israel to extend the truce in the Gaza Strip have made ​​progress, Palestinian negotiators announced, amid renewed armed clashes AFP.  What to do when you buy a product on the net and you are required PIN card?
"There is progress," said Azzam al-Ahmed, head of the delegation of Palestinian negotiators in Cairo. During the day Monday, Palestinian delegation announced "progress" in negotiations with the Jew. Truce in the Gaza Strip is about to end Tuesday at midnight. Israel withdrew from Cairo and negotiators resumed air raids in Gaza after a series of rocket attacks launched by Hamas militants. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that the Israeli army is ready to continue operations in Gaza to eliminate the risk of missile attacks.

luni, 21 iulie 2014

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan is a document that are targeted marketing activities and resources of an enterprise, in order to establish and achieve marketing objectives in line with its mission. Represents the materialization of marketing planning process and at the same time is the most important component of the business plan, with plans for research and development, purchasing, production, personnel and financial, further elaborated on the basis of objectives and strategies for the corresponding compartimetele.
Depending on the time referred to the planning, marketing plan can be strategic or tactical.
Strategic marketing plan covers a period of more than 1 year is usually drawn for intervals between 3 and 5 years and tactical marketing plan covers a period of up to one year, are usually associated with the fiscal year .
In practice, strategic marketing plan is broken down into annual tactical marketing plans that are detailed in the same time may include any corrections thereof.
By being able to control and correct its components, the marketing plan is the instrument control manager on the status of the business plan of the company.
The marketing plan is drawn up by the marketing department using the information other departments, directed by the company's strategic goals and mission, and includes the following sections: introductory exposure, environmental analysis (external audit and internal audit), SWOT analysis, assumptions and evaluations , marketing objectives, marketing strategies, marketing program, marketing budget review and control.

duminică, 13 iulie 2014

Insert Blah here

Insert Blah here

                       "Connect the dots? More like set down the book and have a beer!!"
                                                        -Family Guy

The past week and a half has only type of update to express....aggravating!!!! Its been a week and a half long battle with annoyance, all work related. Its not often it happens but its bound to happen every once in a while where it seems like every ship is sinking and all you have is a spoon....... Yeah, its been so frustrating that it makes as much sense as the last sentence I just made.
For all intensive purposes, it was Easter Week, and in any service related industry, any holiday is busy. In the retail and grocery business, its almost a week of busy. With it comes added tension and mounting frustration. Its never been a problem and its always managable. I am 98% in a good mood but I think it was inevitable even I was likely to snap. For once, it wasn't customers, they were actually pretty awesome. I think it was a collective buildup of ongoing issues suddenly coming in to play. 
            Since it has come to my attention that my Facebook page was viewed often enough by people I work with to compromise my private life, its better to leave out the gory details. It basically ended up with one person losing their job and another disregarding my "private" aka my not at work life by bringing my Facebook into my professional life and frustrations with a manager. For the first time in all my years in management, I had to delete every person from work  and take off any association with my company via Facebook. And of course, a boss who has felt the need to make everyone's life difficult whenever he visits lately.....

Its been a long week folks.....
All that sort of built itself into a ball of frustration and even though its finally come and gone. It left me sort of drained at this point. I had another day off today and have been absolutely blah all day. I have been lethargic, and possibly even moody at this point. Enjoyed my day off with my family who always keeps me happy but I almost felt like I couldn't give them what they wanted today as I usually do.
I'm just glad these days are very few and far between and after a day of feeling blah and not resorting to drinking beer. Video games however have provided some mind numbing entertainment in between.
The silver lining? It was EASTER for crying out loud! While it may have been hectic and crazy at work, we had a blast at home. I have not been off for Easter Sunday in years and we went the full 9 on it. We got the monkey a basket and hid eggs for him to find and then we spent the day together. Then Papi cooked everyone a traditional ham dinner with fixins'.
We do not celebrate Easter in the traditional sense as far as religion is concerned. In case you haven't been reading, we don't believe in religion. However, I do believe Jesus is a Zombie....read the facts and remember, Zombie Jesus loves you!
We celebrated it as I remember celebrating it when I was a kid, minus the forced dress up and church with my family. We celebrated it as a family and by making it a fun experience for our chocolate addicted child with a love of stuffed bunnies. I haven't truly enjoyed this holiday in many years like we did this years. One of the last times I had Easter Sunday off, was about 6 years ago and my friends and I went on an all day Easter drinking bender cause we had nothing better to do. Oh how the times have changed.....
Though the week had its rough parts, I am always one ready to move forward. It was frustrating when you feel you can't do enough and what you are doing is only making you run into walls. However, the past is over and all I can do start fresh in the new day......

Happy Mami's Day!

Happy Mami's Day!

"Nobody ever could make me smile, until you came around with your pretty style....."
                                         -Rivers Cuomo

           Happy Mother's Day! I've got to drop that yearly post to all the wonderful ladies who deserve this day out of all days. It might not be as important as a birthday or Christmas or any of that, but its nice to honor all that we love about the most important ladies in our life. It sort of singles out the moment for them and yeah, they deserve it....

I do think noone should ever have a day to only remember someone important but I enjoy Mother's Day because its another excuse to remind the special ladies(and there are many) how special they are for all they do.
Yeah, theres a Father's Day but I feel Moms deserve it more than Dads....
For all my Friends, Aunts, Grandmas, Cousins and anyone else who has brought a child to this world and have committed to the shaping of their lives and to any one else who has needed you more than you will ever know........you are wonderful, beautiful and of course, AWESOME ladies! You have given a piece of yourself to the world and you continue to make all our lives better just being in it. From the moment you got pregnant, you formed this bond with all these amazing people to be and you probably know the human heart better than the rest of us can ever to imagine. Keep doing what you do and thanks for all you share!
RIP to my mother  she may not be with us but she gave me a life that I can never thank her enough for. I have never spent Mother's Day with my Mom, but she always knew how much I loved her. Even when I wasn't being the best towards her. Her life of dreams and having an open mind and open heart has shown me where I can get some of my best(and worst) qualities that make me who I am. I might not have grown up with my Mom, but I definitely took after her alot. She is missed every day.....
For my badass Mami wife lady, you are everything and more. Not enough mushy gushy words have ever been able to express the amazing that you bring into my life every day. You are always there when I need you most and you have started our son on am amazing road to being an amazing child. You never let him think he is anything less than a badass like yourself and he will take that with him for many years to come. You bring so much into both our days that we would be lost without you. Not because you keep our clothes clean, and our house freakishly organized all the time. But because you have always given more than you ever take. You give every piece of yourself and more and it shows in our son's smile and laughter every day. I certainly couldn't do this without you and we make an awesome team. There couldn't be anyone better to raise our son and make more babies with.....thanks Mami!!
In one last act of lame retard love and all that jazz that makes everyone around us vomit everywhere, this song is for you and always reminds me of the best Mami out there.....

Monday Minute 5/9/11

Monday Minute 5/9/11

Monday Minute
Its that time again, its Monday!!! Time for some of those questions with answers you just HAVE TO KNOW!! Hosted by my friend, Ian who likes to keep it fun and interesting. If you want to play along, swing on by The DDOR and get the questions so you can share your answers. Don't forget to link up!

And herrrrrreeee you go!
1 - Since so many of you were so willing to wrestle naked with another member of the same sex for a million dollars, let's say we double it to $2,000,000 and put it on PPV for all to see. Still willing?

                If you're willing to throw money at me and I'm not getting cornholed, then bring it on! My life is a series of self inflicted embarassing moments, so whats a televised moment to me? You throw the money in, I'm sold!

2 - You just found a $100 bill on the ground while walking around your neighborhood. What's your first thought to do with the money?
                   do a 360 degree look around to make sure its not a trick, take the money and run! First thought involves several beers, a lightning rod and a midget in a pink tutu....

3 - Mother's Day is coming up. Name one thing you learned from your Mother that you'd like to share.
                   To dare to dream openly and always see beyond whats in front of me....

4 - We all know that Nickelback, Kiss, Creed, Rush, the Foo Fighers and Axl Rose suck ass, name another band that should be added onto this famed list.
                 This is such an open ended questions cause SOOOOOO many people suck out there. Let me say first that any celebrity with a reality show who thinks they have singing talents just because they have their lives in front of a camera 24-7 and want to whore their bullshit agenda on there should be on that list. I'm looking at you Jersey Shore.....
Also, that skank Kesha and about 98% of any trendy hip hop artist out there needs to be shot for their one hit wonder overproduced garbage....just sayin'

and finally...

Project Kit Kit (Magic Moment link up)

Project Kit Kit (Magic Moment link up)

So Mami came to me with an opportunity to express a shared moment to link up with Shell at Things I Can't Say and post about something shared with someone special. Of the 9879387 wonderful moments I have shared with both Mami and the monkey, I was reminded of this one moment over the past year that I have not only wanted to blog about but also is as ridiculous as it is sweet.

We moved into our apartment around December of last year and within a month or so, we noticed several kitties wandering around. Missing the idea of having a cat around, I figured I could easily fool these cats with a little food and affection into being my friends. While they took well to the free grub, these cats were obviously wild and not about to let some crazy man pet them. The kitties at the window drew the attention of my partner in crime, the monkeyboy! His newfound love of animals had him very excited.....

It led us to the introduction of this little cat.....

And of course, this guy was more than enthusiastic. He dubbed the kitty "Kit Kit".  This cat had no intentions of ever being our friends but yet, she never went away. Nate used to get so excited and play hiding games with her and they shared lots of window love like those creepy people who visit one another in prison(minus the boobies). Over the course of six months, the game was the same. She would lay around the patio, Nate and I would feed her on my lunch breaks then she runs away.

                                      We had several 'kitty hunter' moments....

Window love......

The end result being a cat who never leaves, lays around our house beggin for delicious treats and happy snuzzles. And it only took about six months of persistence of myself and my crazy boy and our love of kitties. It was a fun time shared with my little man that obviously paid out in the end. I have a snuggle buddy(thats furry) and he has a new best friend.......

Louis Armstrong

                 "Bright sunny days, dark sacred nights and I think to myself, what a wonderful world......"
                                                -Louis Armstrong

So I thought it would be fun to drop in a little quick post to remind you all I am not dead. Its good to see I still have all my followers give or take a couple who left probably cause I'm lazy and haven't been giving anyone anything rant worthy or interesting to read. Not that I would ever call my blog interesting but hey, its been fun for me!

Between me and Mami and our currently one laptop, I have just found it easier to play video games while Mami works on her blog. She contributes alot to hers and connects with alot of people and does many reviews so I find it more important to not take that away. Doesn't mean I haven't had any chances to do so, Mami is very encouraging for me to do so but I just haven't made the effort.

I am working my way back in slowly but its a case by case basis and I hope to get a few good blogs in soon. For now I will leave you with this awesome video of the monkey breaking out his greatest driving jam......also, stop by Monday for a post by yours truly for the friends you love blog Mami has been working with.
Until then, wave your freak flags high!